Integrated business management software solution

Launched in October 2016, the app stands out by its capacity to reunite people, know-how and information, all of which it makes available to the whole organization, helping it to meet the company’s specific and general objectives

  • Integrated business management;
  • Clients and suppliers management;
  • Real time connections with partners;
  • Automation and standardization of processes;
  • Processes and information transparency;
  • Storage and organization of documents;
  • Company data security.
  • Increased productivity due to the available tools;
  • Better quality services provided to clients due to transparency and ease of access to information;
  • Improved purchasing process by:
    - sizing orders in accordance to the sales/production activity;
    - comparing supplier offers in real-time.
  • Faster order delivery due to:
    - faster transfers between departments;
    - Real-time access to stocks.
  • Faster and better document creation, storage and management;
  • The online access from any device (PC, tablet of smartphone) facilitates the communication between partners, employees, departments and working locations;
  • Connection with existing systems/ applications;
  • Easy, simple, quick and right payments with the Click CBMS – Click Bank mode;
  • Processes tracking by history modules;
  • Real-time reports and alerts.


  • Partners
  • Contracts
  • Client offers


  • Supplier offers
  • Offer comparisons
  • Supplier orders


  • Teams activity
  • Activity reports
  • Bill of quantities/ no. of sales
  • Stocks
  • Bill of materials


  • Employee files
  • Timesheets
  • Employment/Resignation requests
  • Leave of absence requests
  • Wages


  • Client/Supplier invoices
  • Payment/Income reports
  • Balance
  • Write-offs
  • Bills
  • Sheduled payments
  • Promissory notes
  • Cost claims
  • Payment/Receipt orders
  • Employee amounts
  • Business trips
  • Acommodations


  • PNLs
  • Costs per project
  • Project PNL
  • ID number
  • Supplier/Client amounts
  • Supplier/Client invoicing
  • Business trips vs. Accommodations
  • Orders
  • Deliveries
  • Car park


  • Vehicle list
  • Utility vehicle list
  • Monitoring
  • Link with the fuel supplier